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We know how frustrating it is when you are facing an issue and require support. Therefore we’ve assembled a well trained and knowledgeable support team (imagine the avengers tackling tech issues), to help deal with any questions quickly and efficiently. 

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Our knowledgeable and well-trained support team are available 24/7 ready to tackle any questions you may have. Call us on (+44) 0121 630 3096

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Raise a ticket by emailing hello@primotalk.io and it will start a new case within our ticketing system.

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We’re currently building a knowledge base that can assist you with using our platform and educating you about other features.


It takes around 24 hours to get your Hosted PBX system up and running.

Yes, regardless of your location, you can have the area code of your choice.

Our mobile app will work across the mobile network, as long as you have a stable connection. If your connection drops or if your data runs out the call will cut off.

Yes, in most cases. If you need more info then check out our ‘Move your number’ page.

You can connect to the PBX platform in a variety of ways, mobile app, softphone, chrome extension or VoIP handset. All the VoIP handsets on our site will work with the PBX, however most IP phones will work. Please check with us if you are unsure.

Provided your connection is stable, the call quality is higher than a telephone line system

On average it usually takes around 10 days for a number port to go through.

Timescales can vary as it relies on other networks approving the details and accepting the port.

We can continue to keep you updated during the process.

Prices are determined by location, unfortunately some countries may charge more than others. In this case, you can get a tailored quote for one of these countries from your account manager.

Our calls are protected with protocols to help keep everything secure, and SIP accounts safe.

A PBX system truly built around the user experience, for the user. Primo Talk offers a range of business features at an affordable price. Helping you to create more efficient communication for your business.

All maintenance is done outside of your pre-specified business hours to prevent any downtime to your company

If any of the information is incorrect, sometimes number ports can fail.

We will contact you and discuss the details. 

There is also a resubmission cost which will apply.

Yes, similar to the way you ported your number into us, you will need to start the process off with your new provider.

In most cases there will be minimal down time, you will need to keep your current service until the number port is complete.

We will set up and configure your Primo Talk system, ready for when the port completes. Then, once it’s confirmed, it will be active and calls will start coming through.

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(+44) 0121 630 3096