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Introducing Primo Talk


We’re delighted to announce the launch of Primo Talk, a cloud-based phone system designed for small to medium businesses. 
Our new dedicated site is designed to provide a knowledge base of information purely around our internet phone service.  

We’ve invested in developing a new PBX solution which is packed full of features to help your business thrive. There are many features to improve efficiency, helping your business save time and money. These include: Ring Groups, IVR’s, Time Based Routing, Conference Facilities and much more.  

With advanced reporting tools, you can keep an eye on your business calls. Making sure your business is producing results or identifying areas to improve. 

A shift towards remote working 

With a sudden rise in people working remotely, our cloud phone system allows you to continue to receive calls regardless of location. There are various ways to connect including apps, softphone or a physical VoIP handset. As the PBX is cloud based, calls will continue as normal, including IVR’s and Ring Groups. Callers will not know the difference (unless the dog or kids interrupt!). 

“Whilst we’ve been offering a cloud phone system since launch, we’ve always used it as an add on service rather than putting a huge amount of energy into it. We’ve now decided to invest further into the product, create a dedicated website and grow our business in multiple areas.” Commented Abdul Kawsar, Head of Sales 

“We’ve rapidly grown our call centre solution within the last few years, this has given us the resources and expertise to explore new markets. We already have technical team in place and the right connections which can easily allow us to expand as and when we need to.” He continued. 

For those looking for a reliable and feature-rich phone system which can allow you to work remotely.

Check out our new website for further information. 


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